Meet Victoria

Meet Victoria, one of the 35 students we're offering a full scholarship to the LEAD Monrovia Football Academy!

Meet Massa

Meet Massa, one of the 35 students we're offering a full scholarship to the LEAD Monrovia Football Academy! 

Meet Prince

Meet Prince, one of the 35 students we're offering a full scholarship to the LEAD Monrovia Football Academy! 

Meet Marc

Meet Marc, one of the 35 students we're offering a full scholarship to, at the LEAD Monrovia Football Academy!

Aminata’s story

The project led by Network4Africa (N4A) in Port Loko, Sierra Leone, is sustainably increasing the income of people with mental disorders/epilepsy and their caregivers and families through livelihoods provision and support. Beneficiaries are also receiving counselling from Conforti, a local voluntary community organization working to improve the lives of young people. This is Aminata’s story.

The journey of Beatrice

Beatrice is a 56-year-old genocide widow from Rutsiro District in the Western Province. She received comprehensive training and skills development, which included entrepreneurship training as part of the projet led by SURF. This training equipped her with the knowledge and expertise needed to run a successful business.

A farmers’ voice

Read about Leonard Siabbami a farmer in Siamucaala village of Mweemba Chiefdom. A 50 year old beneficiary of the farmer training programme under School Club Zambia.

E - learning is a success!

The project equipped two partner schools with ZeduPads (e-learning tablets) improving the quality of education across all curriculum subjects. Read about what the teachers have to say!

Eggs for Sale!

"My income greatly improved from raising chickens and this has reduced tensions in my family caused by a lack of enough money during hard times," said Ashiko. "Now we are able to manage through the tough times because there is at least money to buy food to eat even if crop production is not enough."

Supporting genocide widows

Victorine Mukabadende is a 66 year-old genocide widow who participated in the 18-month project aiming to improve her livelihood, psychological resilience and food security.

Supporting genocide widows

Therese Uzamukunda is a 58-year-old genocide widow who participated in the 18-month project aiming to improve her livelihood, psychological resilience and food security.  

Promoting access to sexual health services

Meet 21-year-old Denis from Irbaan community in Talek, Maasai Mara. He was born and raised in the same village and is currently enrolled in a computer skills certification program at the Youth Friendly Centre (YFC) as he prepares to enter college after completing high school.

Meet Maante

Maante Sumare is a 16-year-old girl from Sekenani village. Maante studies at Emarti Primary school where she has been one of the beneficiaries of the mentorship component of the project led by CHASE Africa.

Empowering Vulnerable Genocide widows

Yamfashije Pauline is one of the “Empowering Vulnerable Genocide widows in Karongi and Rutsiro Districts to Alleviate Extreme Poverty” (EVKREP) program beneficiaries who has benefited from joining the project.

Meet Ruth a Community Health Nurse

Ruth Samsin is a registered Community Health Nurse from the Talek Health Facility and part of the Youth Friendly Centre (YFC) staff. She describes the impact that the centre’s adolescent sexual health and reproductive services have had on young people.

Agricultural vocational training

Meet Pergelina Ndongi, 21 years old, who is successfully completing the government accredited course in Conservation Agriculture and Irrigation at the DAPP Vocational Training School (DAPP VTS) in Onambelela, Omusati Region.

Achieving food security via cassava

Read about Denbesie who said "Cassava is so productive. The yield is high per small plot of land, simple to cook and easy to store. I have enough in my stock now for the family. All together the household has enough now to eat. "

A true entrepreneur: Sarah

Meet Sarah who says “I was able to learn good agronomic practices through the training sessions. I have learned how to improve my agricultural production, and today my vegetable garden is doing very well.”

Empowering genocide widows

Discover the story of Victorine Mukabadenge, a 67 years old genocide survivor who living the Gihago Sector of Rutsiro district.  

Vegetables for income and nutrition

"I am so proud and very happy to have joined the Farmer Field School (FFS). I diversified the family's food and am making money from selling vegetables. The money I make from those sales is really substantial. With this income, I have a plan to construct a new house", says Geletie.

Empowering vulnerable genocide widows

“I am very thankful to AVEGA and SURF for their contribution towards our lives. Before we used to sit down waiting for someone to come and help and support us, but things have changed since we joined the project and attended entrepreneurship training which has awakened our minds,” said Josephine.

Professional development

Gloria Nkhula comments “I have gained so much from the mentorship program in terms of my clinical skills, confidence, decision making and leadership skills.”

Empowering genocide widows

Discover the story of Donatah Uwamariya, a 56 years old widow from Bwishyura Sector of Karongi District.

Improved seeds strengthen food security

“Every June, I worried that we didn't have enough food. I have enough now to last me throughout the year. I don't worry about what I will eat when June comes anymore," declared Yekuge

Pay it forward!

Mr Kossivi Dokpoe said "for me, these animals are comparable to an account I could have in the bank. They have enabled me to care for and feed my family”.

Empowering vulnerable genocide families

"Today I can say my life has changed since I joined this project. I am extremely happy as to what I have achieved since we started,” explains Byukusenge Jean de Dieu.

Improving the quality of care

Milica Msumba declared: “I really welcomed the training and thought it was a great idea. Previously I worked at a facility with no maternity unit and went through many years without any refresher training. “

Meet Kumbukeni and her baby

Kumbukeni, aged 29 from Malunga Village, with her second baby who was born a couple of hours before this photo was taken.

Meet Annie, Linda and their babies

Annie and Linda commented on how caring and professional the nursing staff were to them.  

Access to secondary education

Meet Ami, a middle school scholar supported with a comprehensive scholarship from Women’s Global Education Project (WGEP) in Senegal!

Linda and Martha’s story

Read about Linda, who has been a member of Siamucaala Community School’s Enterprise Committee since May 2021.

Meet Dominic Rono

The project led by CHASE Africa in the Maasai Mara region of Kenya, builds on a previous project that successfully promoted access to reproductive health knowledge, information and services for adolescents and youth. Dominic was one of the nurses trained in Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (ASRHR) who has raised awareness on matters related to ASRHR with the rest of his team.