Empowering Vulnerable Genocide widows

Yamfashije Pauline is one of the “Empowering Vulnerable Genocide widows in Karongi and Rutsiro Districts to Alleviate Extreme Poverty” (EVKREP) program beneficiaries who has benefited from joining the project. She has started her small income generating business using a loan from UrwegoBbank. She is 60 years old, and survived the genocide with two children. Her husband was killed during the genocide.  Pauline attended entrepreneurship training and was part of a savings group where she started saving in order to be able to apply for a loan from Ursego Bank. After training, she took a loan of Rwf 200,000 (c. $190) to start her boutique selling different kinds of beer. She has a big enough house that she can use some of the space for her store, and in so doing reduce the costs that otherwise she would be incurring in renting a space.

“I am very happy today. This time I have something to say after a long time of attending training and now I can see the fruits of it. I joined the entrepreneurship group and after the training I decided to take a loan from the bank. I chose a boutique business because in this neighborhood many people walk a long way to buy different items including rice, potatoes, beer and so much more. Because we learnt about business opportunities, I decided to set up this boutique to sell beer. On average I can earn Rwf 90,000 (c. $85) per month. This is enabling me to meet my family needs.”

Pauline has a plan to expand her business, and she will keep taking loans even after the project. She confirmed that, training has opened her mind a lot by building her confidence to start up a business, and understand how to operate it profitably.