Education / Environment

Youth empowerment through quality education and sport

The project aims to provide full scholarships to 35 low income students, over five years, at the LEAD Monrovia Football Academy. Scholars are student-athletes who demonstrate leadership ability in the classroom and on the pitch, excel academically, participate regularly in community service, and embody LEAD MFA’s core values daily.


Community Development / Environment

Forest restoration and sustainable livelihoods

The project aims to enable 1,000 people in the Gamo community who live near Lake Chamo and Lake Abaya to replenish local forestry and create sustainable livelihoods for themselves.


Health / Environment

Humanitarian assistance in remote areas of Niger

The project led by the Sahara Conservation Fund (SCF) aims to provide humanitarian assistance to pastoral communities living in remote areas of Niger.


Health / Environment

Community-based circular waste management

The project aims to support three peri-urban communities, in Bamako, to develop and establish a community-based circular waste management model.


Health / Education

Improving access to education, nutrition and agroforestry

This project builds on successes and evaluations, with the local communities, of the Agroforestry program previously funded in 2019. It aims to improve access to education for 200 (predominantly) female students through the provision of bicycles, and educate 1,500 school children and 1,000 parents and community members on agroforestry, environment, climate change adaptations, protection of local biodiversity and nutrition.


Health / Education

Access to secondary education and opportunity

The project aims to address the root cause of generational poverty amongst youth in Mombasa, through access to education and opportunity. More specifically, 30 high-potential students (15 girls and 15 boys) from low-income families will be supported in their last two years of high school education along with mentoring on soft skills that will support the youth to excel in their education and future professional careers. 


Education / Health

Masaai Mara Adolescent Health Services

The project led by CHASE Africa in the Maasai Mara region of Kenya, builds on a previous project that successfully promoted access to reproductive health knowledge, information and services for adolescents and youth.


Education / Environment

Women-led beekeeping enterprise

This innovative project aims to establish a women-led beekeeping and honey production enterprise to mitigate human-elephant conflict.


Health / Education

Land for women

The project aims to establish two new climate-smart agricultural cooperatives in Rwamagana District, for 60 destitute women farmers, enabling them to become the legal owners and managers of the land they are farming.


Education / Environment

Supporting agricultural colleges

The project aims to improve conditions for young people undergoing initial training at four Fékama agricultural colleges in Madagascar. Over a 2-year period, this initiative will enable 460 young people (30% girls), aged between 14 and 18, to benefit from optimal training.


Health / Education

Sustainable environmental protection

The project aims to increase knowledge of and access to sustainable environmental protection resources in Monduli District, Arusha Region, Northern Tanzania.


Health / Environment

Access to water and food security

The project aims to enable the community of N’sengoni, Northern Tanzania, to become water and food secure thanks to 80 residential rainwater harvesting systems and residential greenhouses. The project also includes providing a large-scale greenhouse, next to the Upendo Primary School, for the economic development of a women’s cooperative.

Past Projects

Education / Environment Lebanon Composting in Bkerkasha
Education / Community Development Botswana Increasing food security and diversifying incomes
Education / Environment Kenya A science lab for a secondary school
Community Development / Education Kenya Sustainable community development
Health / Education Burundi Combating extreme poverty
Education / Health Democratic Republic of Congo An organic school farm
Health / Education Senegal Sustainable development of two rural communities
Education / Environment Zambia Setting students up for success
Education / Environment Namibia Climate smart agricultural vocational training
Education / Environment Lesotho Early childhood education support and training
Environment / Community Development Uganda Empowering female headed farmer families
Education / Environment Kenya Improving the quality of education
Education / Health Zambia Agricultural hubs for sustainable schools
Education / Environment Mozambique Improving market gardeners' incomes
Health / Environment Sierra Leone Solar electrification of a hospital
Health / Education Mozambique Improved livelihoods and nutrition
Health / Education Uganda Self-sufficiency for rural farming households
Health / Environment Benin Organic school gardens
Health / Education Uganda Accelerating socio-economic development
Community Development / Environment Cameroon Improving food security and revenues
Community Development / Environment Tanzania Sustainable timber production
Community Development / Health Uganda Empowering small-scale farmers
Education / Environment Madagascar Developing an agricultural college
Education / Environment Tanzania A vocational education and training centre
Health / Environment Kenya Improving livelihoods
Environment / Community Development Kenya Ikinu Forest Garden project
Health / Education Uganda Combating extreme poverty
Health / Environment Burundi Improving health through water and sanitation
Environment / Health Ghana Healthier electronic waste recycling
Community Development / Environment Madagascar Improving livelihoods
Health / Education Kenya Training in sustainable agriculture and nutrition
Education / Environment Tanzania Expansion of a primary school
Education / Health Israel Birds of peace
Health / Environment Jordan Birds of peace
Education / Environment Madagascar Support for young farmers
Environment / Community Development Ghana Management of community fields
Health / Education Rwanda Making families self-sufficient
Community Development / Environment Burkina Faso Supporting agro-ecology
Environment Chad Reintroducing the oryx
Health / Community Development Benin Solar electricity for a health centre
Education / Environment Cote d'Ivoire Support for a training centre
Environment / Community Development Madagascar Protecting fish farming
Health / Education Togo Collecting rainwater for schools
Education / Environment Ghana Rainwater for an orphanage