On the way to an environmentally sustainable future

1 July 2022

The project led by CREATE! is in its second year of implementation in the communities of Ndiagne Kahone and Keur Ndiouga. More than 1,700 men, women, and children now have access to clean, abundant, and affordable perennial water as well as a source of nutritious vegetables year-round. CREATE! technicians have been working with members of the women’s cooperative in both Ndiagne Kahone and Keur Ndiouga to provide them with the tools and training to make their development program a success. Together with water and agriculture, the communities are also raising poultry. The Ndiange Kahone and Keur Ndiouga Village Women’s Groups are providing their communities with much needed organic vegetables and poultry, which have improved nutritional outcomes for more than 1,000 villagers and earned additional income for their families. Ndiagne Kahone has also started their Voluntary Savings and Lending Association. With all the activities in full swing, both the communities are well on their way towards a self-sufficient and environmentally sustainable future.