Holistic support for students

28 February 2023

This project aims to provide a suite of wrap-around services complimentary to Impact Network's "eSchool 360" model that will support students from early childhood to secondary school and provide them with 21st Century skills and a pathway to lifelong learning.

One of the project objectives included launching early childhood classes, hiring and training teachers. In 2021, Early Childhood Education (ECE) classes started across eight schools for 400 children, and these classes continued in 2022 with over 420 students enrolled (61% female and 39% male).

At the end of 2021, the government no longer charge tuition fees for students in order to attend secondary school. Impact Network therefore shifted its scholarship strategy. In early 2022, they began offering “school support kits” to 120 eligible Impact Network alumnus who had enrolled in a grade 8 class. While fees had been abolished, requirements to have specific uniforms, supplies and materials in order to enroll in secondary school remained in place and the cost of these items was still be prohibitive for many families.


Despite the pandemic, in 2021, seedlings continued to be produce in the Impact Network greenhouse. Almost 15,000 trees have been planted to date!!

During Term 2 of 2022, all classes had a special day to celebrate their upcycling projects – students made upcycled learning aides and toys related to topics they had learned during their Term 2 lessons. Some classes created posters, others made amazing paper mâché animals.


In 2021, the construction of a rainwater harvester at Nkunga community school was completed. The tank completely filled during the rainy season! Construction is now complete on another structure that holds 3500 liters, at Mkale Community School. The rains started in November 2022 and the water harvester brought joy to the community and school! The school now is able to draw water for hand washing, cleaning the classroom and toilets with ease. The teachers who live nearby the school are also delighted to have the water harvester as it helps them with household needs.