Our statutes

The Addax and Oryx Foundation is an independent non-profit foundation that was officially registered in Geneva, Switzerland in December 2007.

Key excerpts from our statutes
Article 1
An independent non- profit foundation within the meaning of articles 80 et seq. of the Swiss Civil Code, is hereby created under the name "Addax and Oryx Foundation".

Article 2
The seat of the Foundation is Geneva, Canton of Geneva, Switzerland. The Foundation is registered in the Registry of Commerce of the Canton of Geneva and placed under the supervision of the Swiss Supervisory Board for Foundations.

Article 3
The projects supported by the Foundation are focused in Africa and the Middle East, on four core areas: education, health, community development and environment.

Article 4
The Foundation has no profit motive.

Article 6
The Foundation is mainly funded by donations and contributions from the Founder or third parties.

Article 7
The financial year of the Foundation runs from January 1st to December 31.

Article 8
The structure of the Foundation consists of: The Foundation Board; the Managing Director and External Auditors.

Article 9
The Foundation is managed by the Foundation Board, consisting of at least four members, including persons of great expertise in the field of philanthropy.

Article 10
The members of the Foundation Board are appointed for a period of two years. They act on an unpaid basis.

Article 12
The role of the Foundation Board includes the definition of the Foundation's policy and strategy, and approving the annual budget.

Article 14
The Foundation Board's decision-making is by consensus.

Article 15
The Managing Director has the authority to enter into contracts and administer funds on behalf of the Foundation.

Full text of our statutes: [clean pdf]