How we work

The Addax and Oryx Foundation funds the projects of non-profit, non-governmental organisations that demonstrate the experience and expertise to help poor communities in Africa and the Middle East to become the masters of their own destiny, with tangible and sustainable results.


We give priority to projects that take a holistic approach, incorporating more than one of our core areas, in recognition of their inter-dependence in the fight against poverty. Projects must also be anchored in local communities, with individual and collective participation and empowerment, to ensure that actions are relevant and viable for the long-term.


We give preference to projects run by highly committed and professional individuals who are directly involved in the projects they propose, and to smaller organisations that do not have access to major governmental or agency funding.


In allocating funds, the Foundation aims to:

  • create a sustainable and measurable impact;
  • develop self-sufficiency within local populations;
  • spark an individual and collective development momentum.

We have developed a set of values and principles that guide our decisions on the eligibility of the projects applying for funds.


Download our Ethical Charter in PDF format