Solar energy in a hospital


The project’s goal was to reduce the risk of maternal and child mortality, as well as to improve healthcare for the local populations. This was to be achieved thanks to the provision of drinking water using solar electricity and the provision of solar energy in the Borgou hospital.



The 12,000 inhabitants of Borgou gained access to drinking water and electricity. The hospital was provided with a reliable source of energy, providing suitable lighting to the surgical units for night time operations. Refrigeration of vaccines and medicines to ensure appropriate preservation was made possible, offering the local population access to better quality healthcare.


The NGO:
The Swiss association Ingénieurs et Architectes Solidaires (IAS) brings together professionals and students who are interested in alternative technologies. It works on a voluntary basis to install systems that are adapted to developing countries that lack energy resources.


Avril 2009 - Mars 2010


With whom
Ingénieurs et Architectes Solidaires (IAS)



06 May 2010
IAS (Togo) - The benefits of solar energy in Borgou

The refrigeration of vaccines and medication is now possible in the Borgou village: the hospital has received a refrigerator for this purpose. 

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12 March 2009
2 new projects!

2 new partnerships were approved by the Foundation's Board of March 11, 2009: one with IRHA on a water related project in Ghana, and one with IAS on a solar energy project in Togo. In addition to this, our initial partnership with RTP in Benin was renewed for two additional years.

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