Sustainable livelihoods for HIV widows

The two-year project aims to enable 150 widows affected by HIV to become self-sufficient by giving them the skills and means to develop and run sustainable businesses, in order to support their families with better education, better housing and regular meals. Specific activities include training and mentoring the HIV affected women and their families to enable them to set up an income-generating activity. The women will subsequently receive start-up grants to develop a business of their choice. Their family members are included in the training and mentoring to ensure the knowledge is shared and the project is sustainable, even in case of illness. Development loans will also be available to 45 women (previous grantees), to further expand their businesses.


The NGO:
Founded in 2004, the MondoChallenge Foundation is a British charity that aims to provide support for education and livelihoods in developing countries. It focuses on community-based programmes, working together with local populations to help them improve their lives.


August 2016 – July 2018

Arusha and Moshi

With whom
MondoChallenge Foundation



21 July 2016
Four new projects validated in June 2016

The Addax and Oryx Foundation granted funding for four new projects at its June Board meeting.

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