A village for polio victims


The project’s goal was to construct a village to welcome 250 polio victims on a plot of land bought by the Swiss-Sierra Leone Development Foundation in the Bombali district, and donated to the Makeni association of polio victims. The construction of the village aimed to restore hope and dignity by providing them with clean and safe accommodation, and training inhabitants in income-generating activities.


The village project built living quarters, vocational training workshops, showers and toilets, as well an area to gather to hold discussions. The inauguration took place in May 2011 in the presence of the President of Sierra Leone, accompanied by several prominent figures in his government. The vocational training workshops were set up to provide training in tailoring, carpentry, shoemaking and blacksmithing.


The NGO:
In 1988, Harald Pfeiffer, a Swiss physiotherapist took 6 months leave to work as a volunteer in a leprosy hospital in Sierra Leone. Once back in Switzerland and with the help of donors and family, he developed a humanitarian action for Sierra Leone, forming in 1996 the Swiss-Sierra Leone Development Foundation (SSLDF).

polio victims

January 2010 - December 2010

Bombali District

With whom
Swiss-Sierra Leone Development Foundation (SSLDF)



14 December 2009
3 new projects!

On December 10, 2009 the Foundation's Board approved three additional projects.

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