Improved livelihoods and nutrition

The three-year project aims to sustainably improve the health and livelihoods of four underprivileged communities, in the rural Massinga District, thanks to access to clean drinking water, improved nutrition and sanitation facilities. More specifically, in each community, a new water well will be drilled, a manual hand pump installed and a water oversite committee of 23 persons elected. Committee members will be trained in well maintenance and repair, hygiene and sanitation and sustainable agricultural practices. The project aims to achieve full latrine coverage in all households. At each school, sanitation centres will be constructed, including menstrual hygiene rooms and hand washing stations. Community gardens with drip irrigation will also be constructed at the schools and agricultural techniques will be implemented in the school curriculum. 20-30 citrus trees, donated by the Massing District Government, will be planted by the students and teachers around the school and water well. Women will also be taught innovative agriculture techniques to be implemented in their homes in order to provide food security and income from the sale of the surplus from the harvest.


The NGO:
Water Underground is an American non-profit organisation that aims to empower people in the most underprivileged communities in rural Mozambique through access to clean water, sanitation, agricultural innovation and through education and learning new skills.


May 2018 – April 2021

Massinga District

With whom
Water Underground



21 August 2018
Three new projects validated in March and June 2018

The Addax and Oryx Foundation granted funding for three new projects at its March and June Board meetings.

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