Initiation in ICT

The project covered three activities: providing 130 youths with basic computer skills, together with general professional and technical education; training 40 computer technicians to enable them to offer their services to local companies or to set up their own businesses as entrepreneurs; and finally, developing an internet platform to share job opportunities, with the content and design developed by the trainers and the students.


By the end of the project, 130 youths (of whom 34 were girls) were trained in information technology and 40 youths (of whom 6 were girls) were trained as computer technicians. These new competencies enabled the 130 youths to increase their professional capabilities (preparing quotes/plans, internet searches) and to better integrate the local economy. Of the 40 youths who followed the technical training, 11 were hired by local computing companies and 26 became self-employed. The internet platform was equally a success, frequently accessed by youths interested in gaining employment and learning about entrepreneurship.


The NGO:
AccEd is a Swiss association founded in 1997, which is active in Latin America and Western Africa. AccEd enables young people to access education or vocational training, giving them a better chance for the future. For this project, AccEd has partnered with “AJA Mali”, a national NGO specialised in education, vocational training and developing employment opportunities.


March 2012 - December 2014


With whom



06 March 2015
Four projects completed in Chad, Cote d’Ivoire, Madagascar and Mali

Four organisations presented at the end of 2014 the final reports of their projects funded by the Addax and Oryx Foundation.

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