Preventing youth migration


The project aims to enable 60 vulnerable families from three villages to improve their livelihoods by developing income-generating activities. The goal is to prevent the early migration, trafficking and/or exploitation of young children. To do so, it supports food crop production in three, 2,500 m2 community fields, made available through an agreement with the local authorities. The families will benefit from training in organic farming methods to improve their skills and the yields of their gardens. The project will also provide educational activities and training for vulnerable children and youths in the villages.


The NGO:
The Swiss Foundation of the International Social Service (SFISS) is a network of social workers and lawyers globally active in favour of children and young people in vulnerable situations. In Guinea Bissau, the SFISS collaborates with the local NGO AMIC, one of its first operational partners in West Africa with regards to the West African Network for the protection of children (WAN).



May 2015 – December 2016

Oco-Maundé, Coiada, Tchumuel

With whom
The Swiss Foundation of the International Social Service (SFISS)



09 July 2015
Two new projects approved in 2015

The Addax and Oryx Foundation granted funding for two new projects at its April and June Board meetings.

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