Rainwater for an orphanage


The project aimed to improve the living conditions of the children at the Save Our Lives-Ghana orphanage and those attending the primary school by improving sanitation, access to water, the premise's environmental conditions and children's nutrition. Ecological facilities were developed at the orphanage together with a reforestation programme, the "A child, a tree" initiative.


Three 40m2 harvesting systems were built at the primary school, together with appropriate sanitation facilities (4 latrines, 4 urinals and 2 VIP latrines for teachers). A vegetable garden and an orchard were planted together with 1,160 trees at the school and 172 trees at the orphanage. A volleyball pitch was constructed at the school to develop sport activities. At the orphanage, an additional 45m2 rainwater harvesting tank for washing, cleaning and other household purposes was built, as was a pond to harvest rainwater for the orphanage farm and fish farm.


The NGO:
Founded in Geneva in 2002, the International Rainwater Harvesting Alliance (IRHA) is a non-profit association which federates different movements, which fight for better rainwater management. Its mission is to promote rainwater harvesting as a tool for climate change adaptation.

rainwater harvesting systems

April 2009 - November 2010 (extended from May 2010)

Anwiankwanta village

With whom
International Rainwater Harvesting Alliance (IRHA)



07 October 2009
IRHA (Ghana) - Orange trees and vegetables

Within the framework of the plantation of an orchard, two horticulturists from the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MOFA) have been brought in to help and advise the committee and supervise the activity.

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04 August 2009
IRHA (Ghana) - Rainwater harvesting system in primary school

The installation of the rainwater harvesting system has started in the Anwiankwanta village primary school. 

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12 March 2009
2 new projects!

2 new partnerships were approved by the Foundation's Board of March 11, 2009: one with IRHA on a water related project in Ghana, and one with IAS on a solar energy project in Togo. In addition to this, our initial partnership with RTP in Benin was renewed for two additional years.

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