Care for burns victims


The project aimed to provide support to the Asyut Burns Centre. It had three main objectives: training of local medical and paramedical personnel; development of prevention campaigns; renewal of medical equipment.


Orientation sessions with medical and paramedical staff and associations from the governorates of Asyut, Qena and Mina took place. Educators were trained in raising awareness on the precautions to be taken to prevent burns at home. Close to 40,000 families benefited each year from these prevention campaigns, accompanied by puppet shows in primary and preparatory schools. 80% of the households that participated in these campaigns applied preventive measures after the training. Stocks of medical supplies were renewed, including autoclaves, equipment for the operating theatre, medicines, nutritional supplements, disinfectant, compression garments and bandages and medical gauze for 1,500 children a year.


The NGO:
The Fondation en Faveur des Enfants Brûlés (FEB) was established in 1989 to support the Asyut Burns Centre in Upper Egypt, providing them with logistical and financial support. The Asyut Burns Centre offers burn victims from rural populations free, or depending on their income, partially subsidised quality medical and surgical care, a specialised physiotherapy service and psychological follow-up, in order to facilitate patients’ social and professional reintegration.

burns patients treated

September 2009 - August 2012


With whom
Fondation en faveur des Enfants Brûlés (FEB)



26 March 2010
FEB (Egypt) - Report from September 2009 to February 2010

During these six months, 84 operations were performed on 69 children. 

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28 December 2009
FEB (Egypt) - End of year results

A prevention campaign took place in the north-east of Asyut last November. 11 trained health workers conducted visits and evaluations in 390 families (2,340 inhabitants). 

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