Improving health and sanitation


The project aims to sustainably improve the health and sanitation of 16,500 direct beneficiaries and 93,000 indirect beneficiaries, in the commune of Gihanga. Pro-Action Développement aims to reduce by at least 20% the prevalence of water-related disease in children under five. To do so, the association will build and rehabilitate water and sanitation facilities (10 water points and 1,650 latrines); and improve hygiene-related behaviours through training and awareness-raising activities based on a participatory approach. The project also includes training in waste management, favouring the recycling of solid waste into usable products.


The NGO:
Pro-Action Développement (PAD) is a Belgian non-profit association founded in 2004. PAD is active in the fields of hygiene, sanitation and the provision of drinking water in rural areas. The association implements a participatory approach and practical and innovative measures to ensure the sustainability of its actions.


January 2015 – December 2017

Gihanga commune, Bubanza province

With whom
Pro-Action Développement