Solar electrification of a socio-economic hub

The project led by “Electriciens sans frontières” aims to equip a socio-economic hub with solar electricity in the Zam commune, Burkina Faso. The hub includes a Moringa farm, a literacy and computer centre, a library and a tuck shop. The project will also equip a well with a solar pump. Solar electrification of the buildings will allow the Moringa leaves to be dried and crushed more efficiently, literacy classes to be held in the evening and power for the computer centre. Part of the revenues from the sale of Moringa by-products will cover future maintenance costs. The socio-economic hub has been developed by the French association “Les Ballons Rouges” to contribute to the social and economic development of the region.


The NGO:
The NGO Electriciens sans frontières was created and registered in France in 1986. It leads and implements projects that enable the poorest and most isolated rural communities to access electricity and clean water in order to sustainably improve their living conditions.



October 2016 – September 2017

Zam commune

With whom
Electriciens sans frontières