Restoring water to the village of Séméré

The project aimed to rehabilitate the Séméré dam in the municipality of Ouaké. This entailed returning it to service to satisfy the water needs of the local population, subsequently improving the local economy while contributing to the ecological balance of the region.


The village of Séméré and its surrounding population (11,000 people) now have access to running water for their daily domestic needs. The capacity of the water reservoir is larger than originally planned. The market gardening area caters to the needs of 40 famers and four new farmers have started a market gardening activity. Livestock now have access to water at a specific location reserved for the animals. The site today provides a pleasant environment and boosts the dynamics of the village. Fish stocking took place after the rainy season in July 2014.


The NGO:
Le Coeur de Nouricia is a French association composed of 85 volunteer members of the Nouricia Cooperative. The latter is one of the main French agricultural cooperatives for the collection, distribution and processing of agricultural produce (Vivescia). Le coeur de Nouricia is active in Senegal and Benin.


October 2012 – February 2014


With whom
Le Coeur de Nouricia

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16 January 2015
The inauguration of the Séméré dam

The association Le Coeur de Nouricia officially inaugurated the Séméré dam in the municipality of Ouaké during its mission to Benin in November 2014.

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16 June 2014
Three projects completed in Benin, Malawi and Syria

Three organisations submitted their final reports in April 2014, following the completion of projects funded by the Addax and Oryx Foundation.

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30 September 2012
The Addax and Oryx Foundation Board approved mid-September three new projects

The Addax and Oryx Foundation Board approved funding for three new projects with three new identities.

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