Country infoBenin

Population: 10.05 million (2012)
Per Capita Income: USD 750/year (2012)
Poverty rate*: 33% (2007)
Literacy rate: 42% (2010)
Human Development Index: 166th out of 187 countries (2012)


Benin has implemented important economic and structural reforms over the past decade leading to notable improvements in human development. The country is on track to achieve three of eight Millennium Development Goals, reflecting the difficulties met despite progress in improving access to basic services. Significant challenges remain in the health sector, with child and maternal mortality remaining high. The universal primary education goal for boys is likely to be reached. However, parity in primary and secondary education will not be met. With one of the lowest literacy rates in the world (42%), the quality of education and management of the sector still require improvement.

Sources: indexmudi, UNDP, UNICEF, World Bank
*The percentage of the population living below the national poverty line.

Archived project
Training for sustainable water management
July 2012 - June 2015


Initiative Développement (ID) aimed to increase the professional capabilities within the communes of Toffo, Zé, Kpomassé (57,000 inhabitants), in south Benin, helping them to sustainably manage their public water services.

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Archived project
Restoring water to the village of Séméré
October 2012 – February 2014


The project aimed to rehabilitate the Séméré dam in the municipality of Ouaké. This entailed returning it to service to satisfy the water needs of the local population.


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Archived project
Solar electricity for a health centre
April 2011 – March 2012


The project aimed to provide the Ilguillahoun Health Centre in Southern Benin with a stand-alone solar powered system capable of providing lighting for the buildings and electricity for essential equipment. 

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Archived project
Collecting rainwater for schools
December 2010 – June 2012


The project aimed to improve the learning conditions for 3,239 students in four schools in Togo and Benin, and to strengthen their self-sufficiency in terms of access to resources and ability to adapt to climate change. 

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Archived project
Enhance basic education for children
January 2008 – December 2010 (extended from December 2008)


The main objective of the project was to enhance the quality of formal and non-formal basic education for children in the targeted communities. 

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