10 December 2013
Ringing out 2013


The Addax and Oryx Foundation is closing out an eventful 2013, marked by a continued contribution to the reduction of poverty in Africa and the Middle East, two new board members and the launch of this revitalised website to share our philosophy, information on our projects and their results.


The approval of funding for three new projects at the Board’s last meeting of the year, on December 5, brought the total number of projects funded in 2013 to 29 in 21 countries. Our preference for projects that cover more than one of our core areas (education, health, community development and the environment) is reflected in the scope and variety of projects funded. From improved health, nutrition and farming capabilities, to greater knowledge and skills through education or vocational training, each project has contributed to concrete change in local communities.


We take this opportunity to extend our warm thanks and recognition to the partner associations thanks to which we have contributed to improving the lives and prospects of thousands of men, women and children in Africa and the Middle East over the past year.


The Foundation’s Board evolved during the year. Mr Tim Nielander departed for professional reasons, with warm thanks from the Board, while Mr David Codd and Ms Carolina Campeas Talabardon joined the team at the end of the year. Together, they bring valuable experience of Africa and the Middle East, and of the non-profit sector.


Finally, we just launched this upgraded website and hope that you will enjoy discovering it.


We wish all the best to our partners and all those whose lives have changed as a result of their actions. We look forward to contributing further to the virtuous circle of sustainable development in 2014.

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