07 May 2013
Lugala Nursing School project completed in Tanzania


Swiss association SolidarMed submitted in March 2013 the final report for its project aimed at improving the number and quality of qualified nurses, and access to health care in the Ulanga district of Tanzania. The one-year project successfully extended the nurses' training facilities at the Lugala Nursing School, to conform with new infrastructure requirements set by the Ministry of Health and aimed at improving the quality of nurses' education. In parallel, it contributed to the quality of teaching by improving teaching materials and methodologies. The school aims to provide quality training to 100 students per year, providing at the same time vocational and employment opportunities for young adults in the region. Thanks to the project, which started in January 2012, 90% of the nursing students passed their exam year successfully.


Ulanga district is in one of the remotest and poorest areas of southern Tanzania, where infectious diseases characterise daily life and child mortality is high. The rural hospital of Lugala caters for around 160,000 people, but lacks qualified staff. The Lugala Nursing School is the district’s only nurses’ training facility and is located at the hospital. 


The core activities of the project were the following:

  • Construction of a new classroom, library and skills laboratory
  • Construction of an additional dormitory to cope with the increased number of students
  • Strengthening the quality of the theoretical and practical training to meet the criteria of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (MoSHW) and the National Council of Technical Education (NACTE)
  • Implementation of an improved governance and management structure
  • Strengthening of financial and administrative reporting


The following activities will be implemented by June 2013 to further improve the school:

  • Outfitting of the new classroom, skills lab and library
  • Installation of a solar system to ensure electricity for the new classroom, skills lab and library
  • Construction of housing for the teacher
  • Recruitment of a vice principle


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