22 March 2013
Two new projects launched in 2013


Two new projects started during the first quarter of 2013, following approval by the Addax and Oryx Foundation’s Board in 2012. The Foundation has renewed its commitment to the Fondation en Faveur des Enfants Brûlés (FEB), providing support for another year to the Asyut Burns Program in Egypt. The objectives are to ensure surgical treatment for 150 patients at the centre; purchase medical equipment; renovate the operating theatres so they comply with new legal requirements; run awareness and prevention campaigns for the people in the region and surrounding governorates to reduce the number of accidents.


The Addax and Oryx Foundation is also providing funds for three years to a novel project at the University of Lausanne (UNIL). The project, run by a UNIL Professor, is bringing together people from Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian Authorities through a program that uses barn owls as biological pest control agents against rodents. The program reduces the destruction of crops and avoids the environmental impact of pesticides, while contributing to inter-community dialogue.

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