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Teranga (Mali) - The Hospital for Nomads is fully functioning

The Hospital for Nomads in Gossi is now running at full capacity.

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Hives Save Lives (Uganda) - one year later

The halfway stage has now been reached in the partnership between Hives Save Lives Africa and the Addax Foundation. 

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3 new projects and 4 renewals!

On September 2nd, 3 new partnerships were approved by the Board of the Foundation. 

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PSP (Mali) - rehabilitation work in Diban

The rehabilitation work in the Diban village is underway. 

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Gentiana Primary School (Kenya) - environmental and social activities

39 students (boys and girls) voluntarily participated in the Gentiana Primary School'sactivities.

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IAS (Togo) - The benefits of solar energy in Borgou

The refrigeration of vaccines and medication is now possible in the Borgou village: the hospital has received a refrigerator for this purpose. 

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FEB (Egypt) - Report from September 2009 to February 2010

During these six months, 84 operations were performed on 69 children. 

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SCF (Niger) - Ecological monitoring of addax

The transects initiated in December 2008 and renewed in June and September 2009, were conducted in order to monitor the population of addax in Termit - Tin Toumma, using the established counting method.

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3 new projects and 2 renewals!

3 new partnerships were approved by the Foundation's Board on January 22, 2010.

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GREF (Morocco) - New training sessions

New training sessions were conducted in the village of Tidili, located at an altitude of 2,000 m. 

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SOL-GH (Ghana) - 2 new family units completed!

The construction of the two additional family units has been completed according to the initial plans.