Support to young AIDS victims


The project aimed to provide 105 children (orphans, victims of AIDS and other diseases) with a secondary school education and 300 children, who were heads of family, with vocational training. The students were to receive financial support for schooling, as well as food supplements, psychosocial and healthcare support. The project was to take place in 12 communities situated in the federal capital of Abuja.

At the end of the project, 105 orphans had successfully completed the five years of secondary school with excellent results. More than three months after the project ended, 83 of the students were either employed, continuing in higher education or looking for a job. The favourable exchange rate enabled 390 orphans (300 planned) to complete vocational training courses in fields such as tailoring, fashion design, information technology, dry cleaning, mechanics and welding. In some cases, past students decided to further their studies using the revenue from their job. The 495 beneficiaries and their households received food supplements throughout the project, which encouraged them to attend classes.


The NGO:
Founded in 2002, the Gede Foundation is an American organisation that works closely with national and international agencies, as well as with the Government. It has been developing numerous programs in Nigeria for over ten years, primarily focused on the fight against AIDS and assistance to AIDS victims.


January 2012 - December 2016

Federal capital of Abuja

With whom
Gede Foundation