28 December 2009
FEB (Egypt) - End of year results


A prevention campaign took place in the north-east of Asyut last November. 11 trained health workers conducted visits and evaluations in 390 families (2,340 inhabitants). Among them, 78% are complying with the safety instructions. 80 puppet shows were performed in all the schools of six villages in the area. Furthermore, small equipment for sterilisation of instruments and adequate material for the burn's sterile dressings was supplied to the Diarut dispensary.


In the Asyut health centre, rehabilitation work was conducted in 3 inpatient wards. Ceramic tiles were put on the walls and floors in order to facilitate cleaning and improve aseptic conditions. The stock of various fabrics to make pressure garments for burn victims was renewed. In the last two months 26 children were operated.

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