23 October 2009
Mercy Ships (Sierra Leone) - News from Aberdeen West African Fistula Centre (AWAFC)


During the first six months of the project a total of 201 surgeries and 210 surgical procedures were performed for women suffering from childbirth-related injuries. Moreover, one surgeon and 21 staff nurses were trained. Teaching sessions were provided by the resident surgeon and a volunteer physiotherapist. This continues to provide the medical staff with a higher level of understanding and commitment to obstetric fistula treatment and care. Nine screening trips were undertaken in the first half of the year into areas with limited access to Freetown, the capital. This resulted in 70 patients brought to the clinic of which 55 were admitted for surgery. 


The rehabilitation program includes arts and crafts activities to give patients creative ways to use their recovery time after surgery. Cards and necklaces were made and sold to help pay for patients' transportation back to their homes.

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