07 October 2009
IRHA (Ghana) - Orange trees and vegetables


Within the framework of the plantation of an orchard, two horticulturists from the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MOFA) have been brought in to help and advise the committee and supervise the activity. The community's chief together with some of the PACT (Parents-Authorities-Children-Teachers) committee members have decided to plant orange trees in the school's yard. The MOFA is in charge of supervising the plantations for a period of one year in order to ensure that the plants are fully grown. The land for the SOL-GH orphanage's garden is being prepared and should be ready by mid-October. Carrots, cabbages and salads will be nursed.


Furthermore, 3 rainwater tanks, with a capacity of 40m3 and attached gutters were built in the primary school and the construction of 4 toilets is underway.

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